[Creation Cycle] Effective Meeting Template

Meetings are expensive. This template provides a Simple Scalable System to foster collaboration and keep meetings on topic every time.

Causes of Ineffective Meetings

Some common factors that lead to ineffective meetings:

  • Unclear goals / participants are unprepared.
  • Discussion goes off track.
  • Discussion and decisions are forgotten.

Running Effective Meetings

Most of these problems can be resolved with a clear, collaborative agenda. This gives everyone a chance to participate while ensuring that the most important things are resolved first and that those resolutions are saved for later reference.

  • All meeting notes in one place
  • Clear order of discussion with topic ownership
  • Easy to add notes async / in parallel

I've crafted this template through hundreds of different meetings across organizations large and small - from 1:1s with teammates to roadmap discussions with dozens of participants. It's not a panacea but it definitely keeps us on track and makes it obvious when we start to stray.

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